I draw comics, write comics, and paint, both traditionally and digitally.
My newest comic is THE GARLICKS, which you can see at: http://thegarlicks.net.

I've worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni, Disney & Image. I've published four graphic novels, one of them with Gail Simone, who is super famous.
I've won a couple awards. Not bad for a 25-year career.
I am the cartoonist of the Impossible.
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The Stingers, Minx, Riot, and Rapture, Nendoroid style! The Stingers have my fave costumes of all the #Jem characters, although Riot’s hairstyle is ├╝ber-Fabio, and I loathed Fabio! The costumes are yellow & black, with touches of red.

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    i want these to exist as toys
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