I draw comics, write comics, and paint, both traditionally and digitally.
My newest comic is THE GARLICKS, which you can see at: http://thegarlicks.net.

I've worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni, Disney & Image. I've published four graphic novels, one of them with Gail Simone, who is super famous.
I've won a couple awards. Not bad for a 25-year career.
I am the cartoonist of the Impossible.
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How fucking dare you allow them to change the animation style of PPG to this shitty CGI. It is an absolute insult to the creator, the fans, and to television in general. You people are about to fuck up worse than Warner Bros. did with that nauseating Yogi Bear Movie. It appears you people made no attempt whatsoever to stay true to the source material. You guys couldn't get even 1 thing right. Put down that axe your currently using to destroy childhoods and pick up a pencil instead.
divalea divalea Said:


I know some people out there are upset by the look of the new PPG Special, and that is totally cool with me!  But I will say that nothing in this one-off special is ever going to change the original show that you know and love!  Also - PPG is one of my biggest animation influences (along with Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack) and made me want to become a professional animation person.  You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Powerpuff Girls fan than myself.  Working on this special was a dream come true for me as well as for the other artists who worked on it.  But as much as we love the original show, none of us could see the point in doing the exact same thing again.  There are six beautiful seasons AND a movie AND an anniversary special which were done in that style.  So why not try something new?  It’s just a single episode, and it’s our own personal love letter to the Powerpuff Girls.  So love it or hate it, it was made with nothing but good intentions and peace and love and no one will force you to accept this version of the girls if you don’t want to.

And now I’ve gotta pick up my axe and get back to work! *chop chop chop*

All class.

My (subscription-exclusive) cover for My Little Pony: Friends Forever #2, by Jeremy Whitley with art by Tony Fleecs

‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no.
And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it. (via moldmaiden)

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Anti-Joke Thor & So-Done-With-This-Shit Tony

I don’t think anyone here understands how much I love hero. 

I NEVER love the good ones or the brawny ones. 

But I fucking love Thor. 

Because he is so fucking EARNEST. 


So I read them all, all, “ha ha ha Thor is so earnest” and then I got to the end with Tony Stark and that was when I lost my shit. 

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My name is Rachel Edidin. I’m a freelance editor and writer, and an almost-eight-year veteran of the comics industry. I write and speak a lot about feminist issues, especially as related to harassment in the comics community and geek culture.

As a result, over the years, an ever-increasing number…

I can always be found by my shoes: red Docs, orange and pink Docs, high tops with stars on them. 

I have been sexually assaulted, creeped on and verbally abused at numerous conventions. The last time it happened, in 2006, I actually tried talking to people who could’ve helped and got just as far as when I did nothing. 

And that’s some bullshit. I’m reblogging because I’m with Rachel. You need help? I’m there. If I’m at a show, I’ll be on Twitter as theDivaLea. Send me an @. DM if you can. 


Artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope in Rockbridge, Ohio, spent 2.5 hours with water-based white paint, a brush, and a Vet Tech anatomy book as a reference in order to transform her horse Raven into the awesome Skeleton Horse you see here. If you visit Sandy’s Knot Just Rope shop in Rockbridge, you might get the meet Raven in person.

Click here to learn more about the making of the Skeleton Horse.

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"Bani Garu" is my new webcomic at BoingBoing.net about the year I worked for the notorious animation studio GAINAX. Aside from telling stories to friends and one interview about that year, I’ve never shared what happened before. 

I’ve been trying to find Savage/Bunny Girl a home for 5 years now, and I’m glad it’s at a great site like BoingBoing!

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I…I can’t help myself. I am in love with Bea and Puppycat. If you guys haven’t yet, please consider backing the Kickstarter—they want to make more episodes. I would post a link, but I can only post from my phone and I can’t figure out how to attach a link from the Tumblr app.