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My “The Cost of Women Working in Comics" post here on tumblr got screencapped and was being shared here on tumblr and on twitter without credit to me. 

I guess I’ve arrived, if I’m being filched from. The person who screencapped it uses a Cintiq 22HD on a mac. 

Anyway, if you shared that screencap, would you please tumbl my original post?


I hope you’ll also delete the post where you shared the screencap or edit it to give me credit. 

This is a good time to remind people to use Google images before posting unsourced images! 







did the shitlord OP literally just screencap Lea Hernandez’ tumblr post and repost it without sourcing her? That’s kinda fucked OP…

Not sure what you mean but it seems I violated Tumblr etiquette. I knew that it was Lea Hernandez’ post and assumed when I reblogged it would source her.

not you corrina. The original poster didn’t source it and just took a screencap of Lea’s Blog which is the shitty thing. They edited in the source later after a bunch of folks called it out but yeah the original poster just posted an unsourced screengrab which is kind of a shitty thing to do

Thanks very much for the catch!

He’s deleted it, said he got the screencap as a DM, couldn’t say from whom, he didn’t check sources on “a meme.” (A meme. Snort.)

Not pleased with the explanation, but the screencap’s deleted from tumblr, and he deleted the screencap he shared on twitter, and has properly linked. Apparently, the screencap and link are still on fb, but I can’t see them. 

Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
After "Don't rape" and "Don't threaten rape" what's the best way for men to improve the lives of women and girls in geekdom?
divalea divalea Said:


Okay, look: “Don’t rape” and “don’t threaten rape” are pinpoint-specific parts of social compact, also known as “the bare minimum expectations for getting to be part of society.”

These are things that should be taken as a given. Don’t hold up ”don’t rape” and “don’t threaten rape” like they are gifts.

I mean, don’t do those things, and deter others from doing them, and talk about all of this, but, fuck, man.


The best way men can improve the lives of women and girls in geekdom is to do their damnedest to shift the balance of power. Geek dudes—especially white geek dudes—you have something the ladies do not: you have a platform from which to speak about issues of justice with relative impunity. Use it. Better yet, share it with or give it to someone who does not have that privilege.

Are you a pro on a panel that’s all white dudes? Give up your seat to a woman of color. Encourage other panelists to do the same. Straight-up refuse to be part of panels that do not work toward equal representation. Hold speaker and guest lists at cons to the same standard. And talk about what you are doing, and why.

If you are in a position that gives you hiring power, hire women—especially into positions where they will have power, not just low-level editorial and work-for-hire gigs. Actively seek and use the input of women, and go out of your way to make really damn sure they’re credited for those contributions

Seek and vocally advocate for works by and about women, for female-friendly and generally diversity-friendly publishers, retailers, and fan communities. When someone does shit right, vote with your dollars and spread the word. When someone fucks up, call them out, and—if there’s any real potential for it and you’ve got the capacity—offer them impetus for and tools to change.

Buy girl books. Buy books with pink covers, and read them in public. Break down the box of geek masculinity, and live the geek culture you want to see and be part of. Subvert everything.

Meanwhile: Hold other men accountable. Don’t tell rape jokes. Call out bullshit.

And respect the anger of those of us who have been consistently marginalized. If you want to be an ally in this fight, recognize that the fight is not about you: sometimes solidarity means giving other people space to be frustrated and angry at a system from which you directly benefit, and sometimes that means that they will, by extension, be angry at you—and that this, along with everything else, means *that system* is your common enemy.

Speaking of systems: Educate yourself. Read How to Suppress Women’s Writing and call that shit out. Understand that in this fight, your voice is generally considered to mean more than mine. Fight that inequality as hard as you can—but meanwhile, while you’ve got that platform, use it.

THIS. Give up your SEAT. AGITATE. Call it OUT. Check yourself.

You could be part of the problem, or have been part of it in the past. That goes for both genders.


Pics of Disfluent and Tulionias! Also- BELLIES!

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This isn’t their problem, guys. It’s ours. We have to solve it.

Sexual harassment isn’t an occupational hazard. It’s not a glitch in the complex matrix of modern life. It’s not something that just “happens.” It’s something men do. It’s a choice men make. It’s a problem men enable. It’s sometimes a crime men commit. And it is not in the power nor the responsibility of women to wage war on this crime.

It’s on us.

How do we fight this war? We stop enabling. We check ourselves and, when necessary, wreck ourselves. Do you know a guy who’s hate-following women on Twitter just to troll them? You check him. Do you know a guy who’s writing disgusting screeds to women journalists because they don’t like the same things he likes? You check him. Do you know a professional whose discourse with women in his field is loaded with gender-specific language and condescension that could enable further abuse? You check him. Are your Twitter followers identifying you as a sympathetic ear for their sexist views? You check yourself. Is your website’s message board a cesspool of ignorance and hate? You check it like you actually give a damn. Do you know a guy who’s sending rape threats to women for any reason? Oh, you report that guy.

Let me make it plain:

A woman objecting to the content of a comic book — even if you think she’s dead wrong — does not rise to the occasion of vicious name calling and rape threats.

Nothing does.

Andy Khouri writes at Comics Alliance. Read the whole thing - the motif is Fake Geek Guys, noting that the superhero fans who act in such an abusive, unethical way are 100% against the genre they claim to love - but I pull this part out of context.  (via kierongillen)

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the realest thing I’ve ever read. 


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shows that embrace women being powerful and celebrate their femininity: 


my little pony:


adults that enjoy my little pony:


adult males that enjoy my little pony:


adult men who sexualize my little pony:


adult men who sexualize my little pony to the point where little girls see fleshlights and porn when they look for cute lil ponies online:


adult males who shame little girls for not being “real” my little pony fans and create a toxic and unsafe environment for five year olds:




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Hi, I’m Lea Hernandez, and I’m telling you this:


You need to help lower the price of women doing business in comics and in comics fandom to only the hard work. Not the hard work plus ducking threats online and off of violence, dodging groping, inappropriate advances, joking at the expense of the fat girl, the not “hot” girl, picking up and carrying around the short girl, creepshotting the cosplayer, stalking the professional. 
You know, sexism. Violence. Attacks intended to create doubt and fear.


CALL OUT OTHER GUYS. If women doing this for themselves really really worked, I wouldn’t have to be saying this. 
Start culling guys from your personal and professional circles that are bad citizens, that you have to apologize for.

CALL OUT MISOGYNY AND SEXISM. Intervene. Speak up. Vocally reject things like the “Big Cans” promotion at NYCC on your blogs, Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, right then and there when it happens.

THE COST FOR WOMEN IN COMICS OF DOING BUSINESS IS TOO DAMN HIGH. We’ve been paying and paying. I’ve paid with my health, self-esteem, and sense of safety. Other women have paid more.

Men, help us lower that cost so it’s the SAME AS YOURS: hard work.

(Please share the hell out of this.)

ETA: This post has already been getting around on tumblr and twitter as a screencap without credit to me. One person who did edited his post after he was told. If you see it, please (GENTLY) share with that person the source of it is here.